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Between São Conrado and Barra da Tijuca neighborhoods, on Rio de Janeiro coast, at Tijuca Forest National Park, there is a legendary monolith with the face of a giant. Gávea Stone is a huge rock surrounded by lush vegetation, at Atlantic Forest. Over time, damage caused by nature gave the rock vertical face, the appearance of a human face. This natural incident caused various speculations about nature causes or something done by ancient civilization. Portuguese explorers gave to mountain, in 1.502, the name Gavea, due to its resemblance to a crow's nest (a structure at the top of a ship's main mast that is used as a vantage point).

This way, Gávea Stone name basically means Raven Nest Stone. Its ridge, of peculiar shape, soon attracts attention of who arrives. With more than 800 meters of altitude, due to its location and characteristics, it has always been a reference for navigators. The climb up Tijuca Forest takes you to the largest monolith top (a single massive rock or a rock of gneiss and granite) at the seashore of the world!

Gávea Stone trail is the ideal ride for those who are looking for a real challenge. The stone awakens admiration for imposing and mystery. It is one of Tijuca Forest Nacional Park extreme points and one of the most spectacular viewpoints.

Near the summit, there is a small stretch of climbing called Carrasqueira, with approximately 30 meters. It has Brazilian graduation level I. Private Shuttle in Rio takes all the necessary climbing equipment to make an easier and safer access to the mountain.



Some stories and legends are told about this magnificent natural monument. According to one of them, ancient Phoenicians, who would have inhabited the city in the past, have sculpted the mountain in the shape of their emperor's face. People also say that there are texts carved in the stone. Going further, some say that the portal (a geological formation near summit) could take us to another dimension.

Legends aside, Gávea Stone name was created in 1.502, when mountain was first sighted on the Portuguese captain Gaspar de Lemos expedition, first Brazil explorer. Nowadays, Gávea Stone is the most coveted mountain by lovers of carioca reliefs.


We have daily departures to Gávea Stone and you can choose the best date for you.

We need at least 02 people. If you are alone, join a group.

To schedule, click on "RESERVE" button and fill in the short form.

After completing, you will be directed to payment page and must pay the amount of R$75,00 per person (our reservation fee is 30% of the amount charged on the tour - per person). In the case of a 2 people group scheduling, it should be paid the amount of R$150,00.

Please read and agree to our terms and conditions, then click SUBMIT. Reservation must be paid by credit card (PayPal) or by account deposit (only for people who have a Brazilian account). The rest of the amount must be paid in cash, directly to the responsible guide at the tour beginning. We usually need at least 48 hours notice to schedule this tour. If the chosen date does not appear on our reservation calendar, send us an email requesting availability. If you wish to pay full amount in advance, we can send you an invoice via PayPal. Payment must be made no later than 72 hours before the tour date.

We do not charge any fee to receive on Pay Pal!


We do not operate this tour during Carnival season, on holidays sundays, December 25th, December 31st and January 1st.

R$ 250,00

per person



In case of large goups, with 05 or more people, the amount charged becomes R$220,00 per person.



02 people - If you are traveling alone, we can try to fit you into other groups. If you want to do it alone, without a group fit, it will be charged the amount of R$500,00.



Pick up at hotel and car ride to Barra da Tijuca - 3 hours hike with a slight climb up to the top - Rest at the top of Gávea Stone - 2 hour walk back - Return to hotel.



8 hours.


07:00 a.m.





Light clothing, bathing suits, sunscreen and sneakers or sports sandals.



- Round trip transportation;

- Bilingual accredited guide;

- Safety equipment.


Food & Beverage.

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