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Flyboard is a french invention of racing driver Frank Zapata, who has spent several years designing and developing the product. This is a board similar to a wake board, where a special hose is attached to high pressure, and connected to the jet ski turbine, which starts working as a water pump. The turbine does not drive the jet forward. Through the hose connected to it, water is led under the board and forced down through the outlet ducts installed.

The water jet directed downwards propels passenger up or in the direction he or she wishes, as the direction to be taken is opposite to the jet direction, which is controlled by the passenger with movements similar to a skate. The hose range is ten meters, limiting raised height, even for safety, because depending on the jet power, it would go much higher, since it does not use all its power.

In a more practical comparison, it can be said that the flyboard is like a ski or skate. Although your feet stay on a fixed platform and do not separate, in flight, your body protrudes for the front and it's possible to makes turns on your own axis. It's a real air surf.

To pilot is simple. With the correct orientation, anyone can use and, with little time of practice, you can walk, or even fly!

Its use does not require a large area, it is not designed to cover distances, but to maneuver in a small space, which has a minimum depth suitable for practice.


Flyboard was created in France, in 2011, by the french racing driver Frank Zapata. In Brazil, carioca and adventurer Thiago Caldas is one of the pioneers of radical sports:

"I risked it all in a very expensive toy, which I had no idea what it could provide for my life. I was called crazy for many people. Today, after a lot of sweat, we are managing to innovate and connect more and more people to sports and nature, always in total safety and with maximum professionalism", he says.


We have daily departures to Flyboard tour and you can choose the best date for you. We need at least 2 people. If you are alone, join a group.

To schedule, click on "RESERVE" button and fill in the short form.

After completing, you will be directed to payment page and must pay the amount of R$135,00 per person (our reservation fee is 30% of the amount charged on the tour - per person). In the case of a 02 people group scheduling, it should be paid the amount of R$270,00.

Please read and agree to our terms and conditions, then click SUBMIT. Reservation must be paid by credit card (PayPal) or by account deposit (only for people who have a Brazilian account). The rest of the amount must be paid in cash, directly to the responsible guide at the tour beginning. We usually need at least 48 hours notice to schedule this tour. If the chosen date does not appear on our reservation calendar, send us an email requesting availability. If you wish to pay full amount in advance, we can send you an invoice via PayPal. Payment must be made no later than 72 hours before the tour date.

We do not charge any fee to receive on Pay Pal!

We do not operate this tour during Carnival season, on holidays sundays, December 25th, December 31st and January 1st.

- Contraindicated activity for people with health problems.
- Not recommended for people weighing more than 130 kg.
- Contraindicated activity for people who wear shoes larger than 43 (due to boot size)
- Schedule can be changed due to weather conditions or any other reason judged necessary by the instructor.
- Do not drink alcohol or use drugs before the activity. Wear non-loose bathing suits.

R$ 450,00

per person



In case of large goups, with 05 or more people, the amount charged becomes R$375,00 per person.



2 people - If you are traveling alone, we can try to fit you into other groups. If you want to do it alone, without a group fit, it will be charged the amount of R$500,00.
- 2 people -
R$ 450,00 per person.
- 3 people -
R$ 425,00 per person.
- 4 people -
R$ 400,00 per person.



Meet at the hotel and travel to Barra da Tijuca and Coroa Island - Briefing on flyboard and equipment use - Equipment use for 25 minutes - Return trip and return to hotel.



03 hours - round trip


09:00 a.m.






Light clothing, bathing suits, sunscreen and sneakers (not allowed to wear sandals), non-waterproof cameras are not recommended. Bring a towel, extra clothes and shoes for after the tour.



- Round trip transportation
- Bilingual accredited guide
- Flyboard Equipment Rental (25 minutes)
- Photos

- Food and Beverages.

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